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Alex Castonzo

Guitar, ukelele and mandolin

Beginners to intermediate

Private Lessons

Guitarist Alex Castonzo, started studying guitar when he was 6 years old, and had his first guitar performance where he performed solo guitar at Covington Elementary School. Since then, Alex has performed professionally in and around Indiana throughout his high school career, including performing live on WBOI Meet The Music radio show, and playing guitar in several rock, jazz, and pop bands. In addition to the bands he's been in, Alex has always been very active in the school music programs.

Alex has been or is still active in the following organizations:

  • Guitarist, Woodside Jazz Band
  • Music Arranger, Woodside Middle School Show Choir
  • Guitarist, Homestead Jazz Band
  • Guitarist, Anonymous Blue Show Band
  • Guitarist, Northern Illinois University Summer Advanced Jazz Ensemble
  • Guitarist, IPFW honors Jazz Band
  • Guitarist, St. Francis Jazz Ensemble

Alex will be studying music at Berklee College of Music or Indiana University

Alex performing with NIU Advanced Summer Jazz Ensemble

Alex performing with with Abandoned - Whiskey's Gone

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Tom Castonzo


Intermediate to advanced

Classes & private lessons

Guitarist Tom Castonzo, a Chicago native and Berklee College of Music alumnus, has worked as a professional guitarist, studio musician and arranger in Chicago for over 20 years and recently joined with The Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra. Tom has toured and recorded with several notable blues, jazz and pop artists including Bernadette Peters, Ellis Hall, The Bill Lupkin Band, Heartland Jazz Orchestra, Buddy Guy, Willie"Big Eyes" Smith (Muddy Waters), Fenton Robinson, Big Time Sarah, Tim Mulvenna, Ken Vandermark, Ted Sirota, George Floudas, Richie Corpolongo, Tommy Coster Jr.,and Lefty Diz.

Tom has performed at the legendary Chicago jazz club The Green Mill, The Checkerboard Lounge, Buddy Guy’s Legends, Green Dolphin Street, Chicago’s Grant Park Starlight Music Series, The Chicago Cultural Center, The United Center, The Benson & Hedges Blues Festival, The Bill Monroe Bean Blossom Festival, The Fort Wayne Blues & Soul Food Bash, The Embassy Theater, The Arts United Center, Fort Wayne Rib Fest, Three Rivers Festival and many more.

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