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Guitar Lessons Buying Guide

Choosing the right guitar lessons teacher is a big step in your guitar education; taking the right steps and asking the right questions up front can help you find the right guitar lessons teacher for you or your child the first time. Take a Tour of the Guitar Lessons Facility with lessons in progress

  • Is the facility quiet?
  • Do the students look happy to be there?
  • Are the lesson studios spacious & clean?
  • Is there ample parking?
  • Is there a waiting room?

Meet Your Guitar Teacher Candidate First

  • What is the guitar teacher's education?
  • What does the guitar teacher do professionally when they are not teaching guitar?
  • Does the guitar teacher appear professional & sincere?
  • How long has the guitar teacher been teaching guitar? (10 years or more is suggested)
  • Ask the guitar teacher to describe their teaching philosophy (If the response does not seem organized and well-spoken, move on.)
  • What student ages does him/her prefer?
  • Ask for two student references
  • Do they seem passionate about teaching guitar? (If not, move on and find a passionate guitar teacher!)
  • Have they published any guitar education material in print, blogs or etc?
  • Are there any student performance opportunities such as student concerts or recitals? (If not, move on. If so, try to go to one and see the guitar students perform - that will tell you a lot)

Is it OK to Take Guitar Lessons at a Music Store?

Be careful, here. The reality is that all music retailers, that have music lessons programs, do so to generate retail sales for their store, no matter what fuzzy marketing spin they may put on it. This can get into some murky conflict of interest, staffing and program commitment issues so you need to make sure that the facility, program and instructor meet the same high standards as other learning facilities that are not contained within retail walls, with the main objective of selling you music gear.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for Guitar Lessons or Guitar Classes?

Generally, a 30-minute private, one-on-one lesson will cost around $23. Guitar classes usually start around $18 per 30-minute, weekly class.

Should I Enroll in One-on-One Guitar Lessons or a Guitar Class?

Guitar classes have the following benefits:

  • Built in peer group motivation and camaraderie
  • Lower cost than private lessons
  • You can take the class with a friend
  • Less pressure and anxiety

Guitar lessons have the following benefits:

  • 100% attention given to guitar lessons student
  • Teaching is tailored to the individual guitar lessons student
  • Teaching format and direction is more flexible

What About Guitar Lessons on the Web?

Learning any art form like guitar music for example, has many nuances and complexities that make online learning a challenge. Many of our students at Fort Wayne Guitar Lessons have tried online guitar lessons at some point in the past and have decided to learn at our guitar lessons studio instead, not to mention the quality control issues with teachers on the Web in general.Fort Wayne Guitar Lessons uses the Web where it makes sense and only when it enhances our guitar student's experience. For example, our instructors post their learning materials on so students can have access to those materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I Already Selected a Guitar Teacher. Now What?

You should be:

  • On a goal-based system with your guitar instructor
  • Building upon previous topics covered in your guitar lessons or guitar class
  • Learning new skills and concepts when it makes sense to learn them
  • Excited to be learning with your guitar teacher
  • Looking forward to the next guitar lesson session or guitar class
  • Practicing daily and enjoying most of it
  • Confident that your guitar teacher is prepared for your guitar lesson or class every week
  • Feel that you are making weekly progress
  • Fully aware of what your guitar teacher is expecting from you week to week
  • Fully aware of what you need to practice week to week and why

If you cannot say "Yes" to at least 7 of the requirements above, work with your guitar teacher to get there; otherwise, you might want to start looking for another guitar teacher.